District of Kneževi Vinogradi

The County of Kneževi Vinogradi is located in the northeast of Croatia, in the direct vicinity of the Croatian-Serbian-Hungarian border. It covers an area of 248,77 km2. Kopački-meadow, a renowned nature reserve stretches along its southern border and part of its territory belongs to the County of Kneževi Vinogradi.


This land has had a mixed population since time immemorial, Croatians, Hungarians and Serbs have populated the area which is best characterized as the intersection of different cultures. Until the 2nd World War Jews and Germans had also lived here. The ethnic composition of the population according to the 2001 census: Croatians 34%, Hungarians 41%, Serbs 11%, other ethnic groups 6%.


The County Government, by renovating an old and long-neglected building within the framework of the project will create a multifunctional Ecotourism Visitor Centre with a tourist information point, a shop selling local produce, a bike rental point and most of all an interactive exhibition space with lots of hands-on activities and fun games by which visitors can explore and learn about the natural and ecotouristic values of the area.


Grb Opcine Knezevi Vinogradi 2009