Hungarian-Croatian Art Symposium was a great success

The Art Symposium with the participation of Hungarian and Croatian artists and art students took place between 12th and 18th August, in Orfu.

The mentors of the programme were Zoltán Pál, a Munkácsy Prize winner Hungarian sculptor, and Nikola Faller Croatian sculptor.

Hungarian participants were either members of the Bázis Art Group or students of the Art Faculty of the University of Pécs and the Arts School of Pécs. Croatian participants were recruited by Nikola Faller from the Art Faculties of the Osijek and Zagreb Universities and from the circle of freelance artists working and creating in Osijek.


The one-week-long joint artistic work focused on the experimentation with an alternative art material, straw, and also, on the creation of LandArt works in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked.

This week gave an opportunity not only to work and create together, but to share ideas, current trends and techniques and to have discussions on individual artistic approaches and creed. It also reinforced participants’s belief  in the strength of teamwork and its multiplying effect on creative impulses.


The Symposium ended with a spectecular performance given by the participants, at the end of which the straw sculpture standing in the centre of the field, entitled “Dragon” by Nikola Faller was burnt.


The programme commissioned by Egyesület was realized in the framework of the Go Green (HUHR/1101/1.2.2/2011) project.