Cycling tour along Baranya Greenways

Are you thinking of an adventure cycling tour in 2014, but haven’t found the right one yet? Sign up now to get your place on our unique and exciting bicycle adventure!


Departure: 7 June 2014. Pécs, Interspar car park

Itinerary: Pécs-Pogány-Bóly-Udvar-Draž-Batina-Šuza-Tikveš-Kopačevo-Eszék-Lug-Mirkovac-Šuza-Zmajevac-Batina-Pécs

Arrival: 9. June 2014. Pécs (in the evening hours)

Length: 261 kms

Tour leader: Árpád Simor


The tour will take you through the beautiful countryside and rural villages of Baranya County of Hungary and Baranja County of Croatia. The route follows quiet roads and pathways, most of which are part of Baranya Greenways. Join us for an extraordinay excursion!


Full board and accommodation is provided for the participants. Bikes are  available on request.

Participation is free, but advance registration is necessary. To sign up send your details ( name, address and mobile number) to info(kukac) Places are limited (15 persons) and so will be allocated in the order of registration.


The tour is organized by Association within the framework of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, as part of the Go Green project.