Coming soon to Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs: The masterpieces of Leonardo

An exhibition commemorating the renowned Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, set to be one of the biggest and most popular art exhibitions of recent years to take place in Pécs, opens on 15 April 2014.


The exhibition brings to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher. Working from Leonardo’s codices, faithfully crafted interactive and life-size machine inventions will be on display. In addition, the exhibit moves far beyond machine inventions alone, featuring facsimiles of Leonardo’s most famous codices, large interactive touch screens, anatomical studies, drawings and Renaissance art.


The 8,5-meter-high statue of Sforza horse, originally designed for Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan, is already being built on Széchenyi Sq, Pécs. The artistic construction weighs 13 tons and its pedestal is filled with 8000 litres of water to keep it balanced and “safe”.


The two venues hosting the exhibition’s 50-60 models will be the Modern Hungarian Gallery (Pécs, Papnövelde u. 5.) and the Martyn Museum (Pécs, Káptalan u. 4.) of Janus Pannonius Museum.

The exhibition is open from 15 April 2014 – 30 September 2014, Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00.


Suitable for all ages, this amazing exhibition provides a fascinating insight into not only the mind of a genius; but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles that he discovered. Da Vinci, the genius is an inspiration for the whole family!