Go Green project

“Cross-border Green Way development”


In March 2012 Gyeregyalog.hu Association, in partnership with 2 Hungarian and 2 Croatian organizations submitted a project proposal for the designation and development of a greenway route from Osijek (Croatia) through the Kopački-meadow to Bakonya (Hungary), within the framework of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The project proposal won community funding for the implementation of its outlined programme. The project implementation took place between February 2013- August 2014.


Lead Beneficiary:

Gyeregyalog.hu Association

Project partners:

Baranya County Rural Tourism Association

Local Government of Bakonya

Alliance of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Croatia

County Government of Kneźevi Vinogradi


Within the framework of the project the greenway route has been designated, information boards, maps and direction arrows have been placed out to help visitors’ orientation. A website promotes the project, and continuously provides news and results about the greenway. The interactive map presents the tourist attractions and service providers along the 247 km long route. Billingual brochures have been created. Study tours have been organized for different target groups (journalists, ecotourists, children). Young artists have been invited to get acquainted with and experiment with the use of natural materials (straw) as a means of artistic expression in art camps. Summer camps offered fun activities, games, outings that teach about nature and the principles of environmentally conscious lifestyle organized for Hungarian and Croatian children.

Eco-festivals with diverse programs  served as an interactive platform for the dissemination of the values and principles of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Purchase and placement into service of bicycles and yurts contributed to the expansion of supply of the settlements along the route. In Zmajevac a multifunctional Ecotourism Visitor Centre, in Bakonya an Ecotourism Exhibition Space and activity room has been created by the renovation of old buildings.


Total budget of the project: 413.930 EUR

The amount of EU funding: 346.211 EUR