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Christmas fair in Kovácsszénája – a true local experience!

Angels’ Garden Christmas Fair in Kovácsszénája


Mulled wine, home-made bread, jams, pickles, honey and finely crafted artisan products: Christmas scents, festive atmosphere and friendly, hospitable locals await visitors on 7 December to the Angels’ Garden Christmas Fair in Kovácsszénája, a charming, hidden little village with around 57 inhabitants!


If you long for a true local experience, visit the fair, stay for a while, get acquainted with the locals and soak up the spirit of the place!


Further information is available from Peter Novak via info(kukac)


Procurement procedures have been completed

Competitive negotiated procedures launched by the Municipality of Bakonya and by the Municipality of Opcina Knezevi Vinogradi for works contract have successfully been closed.


The tenderer winning Bakonya’s infrastructural development work is MIND-ÉP Kft. The company takes over the site in the next few days and soon begins the renovation.


The contracting company for the renovation works in Zmajevac is ZUBER d.o.o  from Višnjevac. The works have already started here and progress well.


As a result of the renovation both settlements will be enriched by a new ecotouristic attraction.

The itinerary of Baranya Greenways has been designated

The whole route of Baranya Greenways has been explored by Árpi Simor, who rolled along on his bike all the way from Bakonya to Osijek. He recorded GPS coordinates, took lots of photos along his way and prepared a comprehensive and detailed description of the route (surface, possible dangers,possible difficulties etc.), gave suggestion for the best itinerary (with possible alternatives).


On the basis of these pieces of information a graphic design of the map has been prepared, from which a printed version will be created to help visitors’ orientation along the route.


Responsible partner: Egyesület (LB)



Our new bikes have just arrived!

The Baranya County Rural Tourism Association and Association have purchased altogether 30 bicycles within the framework of the project.


The well-equipped Ranger and Landrider bikes, made by the Hungarian Schwinn Csepel company will be put into service at the members of the above associations, thus improving the range of their services offered to visitors.


The bikes will also serve participants of the study tours to be organized as part of the project – participants will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Baranya and Baranja from their saddles.



Stakeholder forum of the ICT project

The forum hosted by the South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (STRDA) has been organized for the local and regional stakeholders to propose and discuss the proposed itinerary of the Hungarian section of the Iron Curtain Trail.


Delegates from self-governments, organizations working in regional and cross-border development, relevant NGOs, as well as cycling related and public transport service providers were informed about the current challenges and results in WP3. After a brief introduction of the methodological preparation, surveying and tasks the project managers presented the proposed Hungarian section and the results of the survey in terms of infrastructure, services and promotion activities.


The presentation included maps of potential alternatives on the route, participants put forward several ideas and suggestions about the sections and further possibilities. These inputs will be taken into consideration when setting the final proposal for the itinerary of the route.